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Stock Trading vs Options Trading

A lot of people email me and tell me it's a lot of different things, but really it comes down to two things. It comes down to leverage and it comes down to choice. With options trading you can use leverage to your advantage. Now obviously leverage can be a bad thing if you use it the wrong way, if you over allocate, if you are stupid with your entries, leverage can work against you. But one of the key benefits of using and trading options is that you have an incredible amount of leverage to enhance your returns and reduce risk at the same time. The second part of this is choice. When you trade stocks you are very, very limited on choice. Basically two choices: buy or sell. When you trade options you have a lot of different choices.
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Apply “the Secret” To Forex Trading Success

Dec 7, 2017 Featured by admin
The Forex market is the largest trading network in the world with $1.8 trillion dollars being exchanged every day. There are dozens of different currencies traded but the big players to focus on are all traded with the US dollar and include: EUR (Euro), GBP (British pound), JPY (Japanese yen), CHF (Swiss franc), AUD (Australian
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